Thursday, July 8, 2010

*BEHOLD* Designs: Fingernails


Prim Fingernails (more exclamations warranted to emphasize the revolutionizing fashion coup of the century. please fetch yourself a cuppa while i consult the thesaurus for more superlatives...).

i couldn't write about how guu Nishi could improve her latest shoes without torturing my severely limited expertise in all things sculptie so i came up with my own nails. as i suggested to her in my blogpost, i thought the "poles" for the 3D mesh could be rotated off the front facing view axis. (the first thing in learning any new technology is the funky terminology. makes me feel all above the common plebians it does. not that i don't adore their "huh? wha? say what?" i'm not elevating myself away from you, i'm just hurting myself learning is all. not like you can't do it too. you have to abide the endless pain tho.

i really love my Candy Nails but i got to thinking their business model is failing poor ole me. when i have to buy a new set for every colour change i need i'm sure to go broke. so, after wrestling with Blender to form the damned things (oops, vestigial frustrations abound) i thought "what would i want as a consumer?" one set of nails i can tint for every outfit and occasion is what. so, there you go. EnJoy.

oh, btw, the snapshot's affects in this post are wholly inworld Windlight settings with a dash of dynamic shadows thrown in. you get what you see. 80L$ for a lifetime of pleasure. find them at these locations:

*BEHOLD* @ Choerom SIM

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

*BEHOLD* Designs: Rubic Cube Bracelet

whoever said sculptie making was easy? haha, well, they were wrong. i've poured over a gallon of blood, sweat, and tears to bring this to market. i have the bucket right here. i'm not sure i'll ever recover. you'd be right to feel awful for me. not so much as you'd ruin your day, but hey, keep me in your thoughts when you get really depressed.

converting this design from a primbased one, which just didn't give me the challenge i was looking for, got me developing my Blender skillz. making the mesh was pretty easy, not sure how to get the edges sharper. the hard part involved painting the 128w x 64h targa so the lines acting as borders for the cubes fell in just the right places. thank god for the Aditi preview grid. i have no idea where any of those pixels put on the 2D image would go onto the 3D sculptie without eyeballing them on the test grid and with uploads being free, well, what more do i need to say?

you'd think a perfectly square cube would have a square texture to map to it. i'll have to try that sometime after i get myself some pleasureable company. as it was, the Blender bake gave me that size so who am i to argue? as you can see by the cut, it looks ridiculously easy. that's after 30 or 40 tries of adding a line here, a block there, then filling everything in black. (the tests were in colour so i could distinquish just where things went.)

the mesh i made from Blender was supposed to simulate a beveled surface coming off the base square on all 6 sides. whoa, is that even possible? who the hell even thinks like that let alone articulate it?

after i've fought long and hard with the program to do what i've imagined (staunching the rivulets of cerebral fluid trickling from my ears) i'm stunned. i like that Blender allows you to start up any sculptie mesh with any number of vertices. Wings3D doesn't allow you to add vertices once you start. i'll have to give that a try in Blender once i find that tutorial.

i had thought i might script in some rotations too but hey, i'm no genius. anywho, here it is, the newest frustratingly intense design from the caffeinated mind and arthritic fingers of one tired Second Life resident designer.

you can find this premium quality design at any of these fine locations for your shopping pleasure:

*BEHOLD* Designs, Choerom
*BEHOLD* Designs, Tahiti Magic (full 3Dimensional display object)
Xstreet Marketplace

Friday, June 4, 2010

*BEHOLD* Designs: Wire Necklace

i've done it again. now you have 3 choices available to fill all your fashion needs. one barbed and bailing wire wrapped necklace with plain, iron cross, or star options. they're out at my second *BEHOLD* Designs location now. they are copyable with sizing controlled by script. i should have them up on Xstreet soon. maybe after they've completely overturned the applecart (again). as for right now, they're being displayed in glorious 3D so you know what you're getting before committing.

i should have some more options on this design later. i'm working on making the sculpties in Blender now. the iron cross was made in Wings3D. i initially shied away from Blender's UI but since watching a number of video tutorials it's gonna be my sculptie program of choice.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Salon Brows

exclusively inworld

Thursday, October 15, 2009

*BEHOLD* Designs: Starburst Danglers -colour changeable

click image to view listing on Xstreet.

Friday, October 9, 2009

*BEHOLD* Designs: Cleavage Pencil

click on image to view listing on Xstreet.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

*BEHOLD* Designs: Disk Earrings

click image to view listing on Xstreet.

*BEHOLD* Designs: Blush Light

click image to view listing on Xstreet.

*BEHOLD* Designs: Football Cheerleader

click image to view listing on Xstreet.

Monday, October 5, 2009

*BEHOLD* Designs: Starburst Danglers

click image to view listing on Xstreet.

Friday, October 2, 2009

*BEHOLD* Designs: Burning Life Dust Bubble

click image to view listing on Xstreet.

*BEHOLD* Designs: Burning Life Kerchief

click image to view listing on Xstreet.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

*BEHOLD* Designs: Janglers

click image to view listing on Xstreet

also available inworld @ Choerom/224/133/103

Sunday, September 13, 2009

*BEHOLD* Designs: Pyramid

complete with operating door (opens on touch, remains open for 5 seconds). inside, the door section is semi opaque so you can find your way out when yer feeling phobic. the beacon emanating from the capstone is limited only by LL's technical restrictions of the moment. footpad 64 meters x 64 meters. copyable version (10L$) can be found at *BEHOLD* Designs Choerom/255/134/102.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

*BEHOLD* Designs: Sway Animation

well thankfully i have this blog to post my Xstreet wares. seems the New Products forum has poofed over at the new forum. if it's there, it's useless the way the forum is configured. meh. who needs thousands and thousands of hits?

anywho, the animation is a simple idle stand having your avi move her weight from side to side. i did a video of it's movement so you'll get a better feel for it. i think it works well. it's built with Qavimator using 30 frames to construct the whole scene. it runs at 7 frames per second. (only took me three uploads to get that right).

i configured the "ease in" to be 0.2 sec and the "ease out" at 0.6 so it transitions from one animation to the other nicely. you know how some animations "snap" from one to the other? it's the ease in or ease out settings to blame for that. IM me if you would like it customized to your own needs. i won't trash the other .bvh's on my desktop just in case. have fun.

it's a freebie on Xstreet with the copyable version at the *BEHOLD* Designs shop on Choerom.

oh, that's the Loch Ness monster in the vid. seen on the Scotland SIMs. lookitup.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

*BEHOLD* Designs: Midnight Eye Lights

in my wandering of the grid i'm encountering an increasing number of avatars that attach some ungodly floodlights to themselves that not only light their beautiful faces but the environment too. maybe the beta Snowglobe viewer's shadow settings over emphasize the lighting features. turning OFF the shadows (renderdeferred=false) seems to improve this situation but hey, who wants to live in a world without shadows? come on people, turn down your facelights. it's really a simple task.

there are 3 settings to any light. intensity, radius, & fall-off. fiddledy sticks. keep your radius within reason. the default feature is 10m radius. how's about you take a look at changing that to fit the intended design. you are not trying to light the whole room. or are you?

here's my subtle attempt. both pictures (on/off) taken under midnight settings.

you can find the freebie (xCopy/xMod/xTrans) on my Xstreet account and the copyable version at Choerom.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

*BEHOLD* Designs: Hoop Jewelry Set

i didn't have any accessories for the new outfit i was making with alaFolie's flexi prim summer dress so i thought i'd make myself something from what i had. i stole the hoop earrings from another set and used their basic torus settings to gang up some bangles. i did some fancy stuff on the pendant. a few cones and half spheres et, voila! costume jewelry. i gave all parts a blue tint to match the dress's field and picked up the poppies with the red glowy sphere in the pendant. genius or what?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

*BEHOLD* Designs: Shoe Fitting Guide

click image to view listing on Xstreet.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

*BEHOLD* Designs: Prozak Pill Container

click image to view listing on Xstreet.

Monday, August 10, 2009

*BEHOLD* Designs: Anklet

click image to view listing on Xstreet.

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